Walk For Wishes

Walk For Wishes is a nationwide Make-A-Wish® fundraiser that raises fund for bringing the life-changing impact of a wish to children in community who are battling critical illnesses. A number of wishes have been already granted, the walk is to raise funds for future wishes. It's a family-friendly event powered by wish families, volunteers, companies, donors and friends.

It has been an on and off tradition among Las Guerrillas to participate as a team for Walk For Wishes®  Southeast Michigan at the Detroit Zoo  to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. 

In the year of 2019, Las Guerrillas participated with Mech Warriors and together we fundraised $1,264.20.

Our team roster constituted of: 

Team 469, Las Guerrillas​

Team Captain

Marjie Jenkins

Team Mentors 

  1.  Michelle Novaco

  2. Piyush Shukla

  3. Don & Judy Hutchinson

  4. Eilleen Mullin & Keith Kreager

  5. Eric Schnabel (2014-2018)

Team Members 

  1. Kalen Akins

  2. Pranav Arunandhi

  3. Sam Cao

  4. Euijeong Cho

  5. Spencer Novaco

  6. Victor Piaskowski

  7. Andrew Shi

  8. Andrew Hutchinson

  9. Pranav Shukla

  10. Leah Simakas

  11. Thu-Anh Tran

  12. Dyson Burt

  13. Camille Kreager

Team 573, Mech Warriors:

  1. Lisa Savage​  

  2. Alexander Gedwill

  3. Michael Haerens

  4. Jonathan Kraus

  5.  Timothy Kraus

  6. Aidan Mcgrath

  7.  Amanda Mcgrath

  8. Declan Mcgrath

  9.  Jordon Miree

  10.  Jacob Oxyer

  11.  Ellie Rinaldo

  12. Cynthia Schwabel

  13.  Robert Schwabel