2. Team Contract    

3. Electrical Presentation from team 469 Student Lead - Julia Averbuch:

4. Physics presentations by mentor Isaac Rife:


5. Robotics Resources: 

6. Manipulator reference reading and tools to make decisions from mentor Titi Tran:

a) Link to lectures related to ROBOTIC END EFFECTORS. An end effector (aka manipulator) is the gripper engaging whatever the robot is tasked with.


>>>This VEX lecture is good for rookies and those with more experience. Read the chapter on manipulators or the entire lecture about robotics (i.e. It's like a crash course on Robotics!).


>>>Grippers and Lifting mechanisms.



b) Video animation of articulated grippers. Let these get your creative juices flowing.

Cool, but you don't have the time or money.


Just run away. Fast. Don't look back.


OK, but more linkages than you need.


OK if you need parallel, but a lot of linkages.


Run away. You don't have time (or machining capability) to try to make parts slide inside a part or bushing/guide/etc. Friction is not your friend here.


Cute, but it is missing links (not shown). Unlike the others this one is driven by rotary axis (i.e. The ones above can be driven by pneumatic cylinder.). And it requires guides that they're not showing. Unless you have to... it makes little sense to design anything with (3) jaws/fingers, because the base material you use are square/rectangular (i.e. You don't have the easy ability to mill 120 degree faces this year.).


Method for parallel gripping, but we cannot fabricate. And it's heavy.

Best so far, but the cam method has fewer parts.


c) This link just describes classification of grippers.


d) This has no application to us whatsoever, but is cool in how the device operates... with high degree of engagement flexibility.


e) Gripper finger flexibility. Useful if you need soft gripping. One of DASI's 3D printers can fabricate a dual-material part BTW.


f) For the worm gear lover in us.


g) Gear style.

h) For those nostalgic of the Cold War and raising sunk, Soviet submarines from the depths of the Pacific (aka Glomar Explorer).


i) CAD model of generic, linkage style.


j) Old school prototyping.




The physics of robots - Electricity and Magnetism

The physics of robots - Mechanics 2019 Season