While other teams were preparing and competing at the off-season and OCCRA matches, Las Guerrillas were unexpectedly facing a difficult situation. Comau, located in Royal Oak, who had harboured our workshop for many years, was now closing the building and we were asked to look for a new space for our workshop. This left us with lot of searching, thinking, planning and decision making to do. Our team 469 needed new space, or funds to rent a space, and the time to move. Temporarily we held our meetings at the IA Okma media center, all the while continuing our search for a new place to call home.

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The search was on for months, our team 469 reached out to the community by distributing the sponsorship proposal, making calls to companies that can sponsor our team as well as provide us space. Several locations were visited by our lead mentors, and a few senior students, until we stumbled upon the humble Darbyshire's DASI Solutions at Pontiac that had spare space to lend us. The DASI Solutions is a new humble abode to Las Guerrillas. We have been located there since October 2018.


The previous owners of DASI Solutions, the Darbyshires have since

become a part of our Las Guerrillas Family. The relationship between

us is based on mutual respect and understanding.  

Las Guerrillas made a team effort including student's parents,

mentors taking turns according to a signed up schedule to move

the belongings from Comau to DASI, arranged the transportation

and did the cleaning up.

Next came the settling down part, including fixing up the place, that

Darbyshires took upon themselves. Students were engaged in

arranging their equipments, machines, tools etc. They went ahead

for All Girls tournament as the girls in team were willing to take

that chance and so was our head coach.

The settling into the new place is an ongoing process.

Our team 469 decided not to compete in OCCRA competition as we

were still busy organizing in the new place.

Las Guerrillas are grateful to our mentor Joel Piaskowski who

ordered a new Tool Chest with wheels and a shelf with doors to

arrange our tool boxes, Mike Alexandar for building a fabrication

table to keep machines in place and George Yaple to construct coat 

and backpack hanging area. Some of the students in the team got 

engaged in these projects during the build season where 

they managed their time efficiently.

Students also played a key role in organizing the tools and equipments

from big to small as they decided what goes where, that helped them to familiarize themselves with what belongs where in the new place.


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