Annual Parade

As Las Guerrillas watched the 38th annual Parade in Pontiac Michigan, it gave them a reason to mingle with the family of our new building owners Darbyshires. We enjoyed their company as together we had doughnuts and hot chocolate outside DASI Solutions in cold of 7th December 2018 for two hours. Our team made new friendships and a strong bonding with the Darbyshires. It was a much awaited team event after the stress of relocation that our team went through past few months.

The parade had over a hundred favorite costume characters handing out free hugs, as well as beautiful, professional floats from The Parade company, balloons, marching bands, fire trucks and choreographed dancers all joining together to make it a memorable parade. 

We are thankful to our Outreach Mentor Eilleen Mullin who co-ordinated the event and made it a success.