Team 469 participates in the Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association (OCCRA) season every year. 

The OCCRA season consists of a locally designed game that is played with teams from the Oakland Community Area.

The competition is unique because unlike FRC, which allows adult involvement with some aspects of design and build, OCCRA does not permit parent or mentor involvement to any extent but the minimum when designing and building the robot.

This allows for greater student growth in experience and leadership. By allowing students to take over, experience is gained which can be transferred to FRC, and then on to real-world applications not just in engineering, but in other disciplines too. Students have complete control over the project from beginning till end.


Another restriction is a limit on number of students. This gives each student more responsibility and therefore more involvement and learning.


Apart from all this there is another regulation that "heavy machinery" like lathe and welders cannot be used.The robot is built by using simple tools rulers, handsaws and cordless drills.


Yet another limitation is that any kind of corporate sponsorship is not allowed, therefore compelling students to work together to raise money for their robot and manage in a limited budget.

OCCRA 2019