Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn is a new program introduced in the year 2019, initiated by one of our team mentors, Xuan Tran (Titi). To make the most out of the time spent at the shop, we decided to have presenters come in to present during lunch break. Presenters are invited to present on various topics during the period of half hour. These presentations are on meaningful subjects that range from personal experiences, life lessons, character building to carriers and others that are technology related. The presenters can be student's parents, mentors, alums, sponsors or any student members in the team. 

We are immensely grateful to the presenters who came forward to share their knowledge and experience with students. 

  1. Xuan Tran (Titi) - Trade of Matrix as a decision making tool

  2. Patty Corkery - Life lessons

  3. David Darbyshire - Starting and building a business 

  4. Don Ufford - Failure and Engineering Process

  5. Piyush Shukla - Time Management

  6. Eileen Mullin - Some things I've learned from the patients

  7. Matt Woodson - FANUC Robots and how they work

  8. Rob Jenkins - Why run that race?

  9. Joel Piaskowski - Automotive Design

  10. Shamrao Kattimani - Statistics

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