First Robotics Competition

The FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition uses building of robots as a medium to propagate Science and Technology. Various teams showcase their robots and compete with each other.

FIRST is considered an ultimate sport of mind. Students raise funds, design a team "brand", develop teamwork skills and build their robots in six weeks time. Students get an experience of real world engineering as they are guided by professional mentors who bring in their own talents to the team. All the effort put in ends with an exciting FIRST Championship. 

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Las Guerrillas(team 469) value the FIRST robotics principles of Gracious Professionalism, Coopertition,  and diversity. A learning by doing environment is provided for high school students where they get hands-on-experience in CAD(Computer Aided Design),  electronic layouts and connections, mechanical construction, and programming during the 6 weeks life cycle of building a functional robot. 



The 2019 FRC game is based on travel to the outer limits of the universe in DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE, Presented By The Boeing Company.


Las Guerrillas Students Team Structure FIRST 2019


System Lead  - Julia Averbuch



Subsystem Lead

Spencer Novaco

Camille Kreager

Kalen Akins

Michael Alexander


Subsystem Lead

Pranav Shukla

Samuel Cao

Emma Cho

Audrey Nguyen

Anjay Yaple

Andrew Cao

Adam Hayen

Daniel Liu




Subsystem Lead

Thu-Anh Tran

Dyson Burt

Gaurav Arya

Andrew Hutchinson

Ashwin Hariharan

Sophie Egnotovich

Grishanth Manoharan

Vivek Rao


Subsystem Lead

Pranav Arunandhi

Nita Kattimani

Leah Simakas

Victor Piaskowski

Filip Grodzicki

Andrew Park

Navin Nitiyaragwan

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