End Of Season Celebration

Robotics is a continuous effort made by the entire team at training, learning and improving ourselves throughout the year.

We get together once a year to celebrate the end of season to mark our accomplishments thus far, before everyone is off for summer vacation. 

Las Guerrillas celebrated 2018-19 end of season by getting together for a potluck dinner. 

Honouring robotics class of 2019


Congratulations on your retirement. Mentors - Dons as we call them, retired from jobs are very significant to our team. 


Paper plate awards, light-hearted jokes given to each team member based on what they are known for.


Mentor Mrs.Michelle Novaco being recognized for going above and beyond to provide our team with food whether at district, state, worlds or at the shop every weekend. Thank You Mrs. Novaco!


Much liked by students, our NEW programming mentor Matt Woodson's efforts were recognised by the team as we thanked him with an applause.


The celebration ends with the sound of a gong to show the season ends but not the excitement as we start working on our summer plans and preparing for the next season!